A walk to the beach

I arrived on Long Island on Wednesday night. I'm currently at the home of Bro No. 2, father of Niece No. 5, who is 3.5 years old.

They live about a quarter of a mile down the road fom the Great South Bay. Yesterday, we decided to take a walk down there. On the way, we passed this cool little veggie garden, contained to prevent deer fom making away with the spoils of summer.
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3 thoughts on “A walk to the beach”

  1. Nice. I’ve never been to Long Island – I hope I’ll get to do some virtual travel with you!

  2. My grandson needs that around his tiny garden to keep the deer from “topping” his plants.

    Mr. Snowbird’s grandmother lived on Long Island for a number of years–long ago! It looks like a beautiful place.

    Enjoy your trip.

  3. There’s something about summer gardens, eh? They look so nice.

    I have to say that with the exception of growing pumpkins when my son was about 8 (because he requested them) I have never had any desire to have a vegetable garden. But they are lovely to look at!

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