Plunder from the 2:00 AM sea shell raid

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Plunder from the 2:00 AM sea shell raid

Hi there, I’m back among the land of the living! After pulling the all-nighter to go on a beach raid at Blind Pass, I put in what turned out to be a challenging day at work. Chris called circa lunchtime and said she was sick! So she could not come down for the weekend.

It’s probably just as well. Although I do not want her to be sick, I crashed and burned really early last night – around 7:00 PM! I woke up at three and amused myself for a few hours, then went back for a few more hours and didn’t get up again until 9:00. Boy that felt good!

And now for the shells (ta-da!). Below you can find the whole haul. As you can see, many, many whelks and figs were found. The dark things in a sort of zig zaggy column on the right are the OPERCULII (hi, Gary!). In the lower left corner, there’s a bivalve – I have no idea what this shell is. It’s sort of like a jingle, only thicker and not transluscent, but it is shiny like a jingle is. I’m going to have to drag out the shell books and investigate. If anyone reading this knows what it is, would you please leave a comment, or else email me at BellTinkR at gmail dot com? Thanks!

NOTE: Labeled version of this photo can be found in my Flickr Photostream

Below, a couple of close-ups of the biggest whelk. It’s around 5 inches long and 3 inches wide – just a hair or two larger than the big whelk I found at the same beach on Labor Day.

Here’s the “rejects” or “junk” pile. As mentioned before, sometimes with night shelling you cannot really judge with just a flashlight. You might miss a rough edge or a crack, and then you get the shell home and realize it’s not up to par. Other times, you toss things in the bucket and break something, or else jiggling on the way home breaks it, In any case, these will be put to good use outside as erosion control, in the place where rain water shoots off the roof and tries to dig a hole in my lawn.

Man, I’m STILL tired! I think I need a hearty breakfast and screw the calorie count for today (trying to lose the “I haven’t smoked in 7 months” weight). I’m tempted to take myself to Denny’s or Perkins for brunch!

8 thoughts on “Plunder from the 2:00 AM sea shell raid”

  1. Nice haul lady! I think that is still a Jingle Shell-just a big fat one. I’ve seen big ones like that before. Sorry that Chris couldn’t make it down. Get some sleep, ok?

  2. Nice shell booty!

    Now I say to get thee booty over to Denny’s or Perkins. Screw the calories-you deserve it! =)

  3. OK, well first of all, I vote for Denny’s!

    Next; nice OPERCULII. That is a perky little word, I have to admit! :-0)

    Thanks for being a partner in pillage! Now I’m off to clean my spoils.

  4. You sound totally worn out!
    Go ahead and get urself that well deserved good meal 🙂

    {{A huge hug for the 7 month of non-nicotine accomplishment}}

    Happy Sunday Tink!!

  5. How do you sleep after finding all those beautiful shells? I’d be awake for days.
    Great photo’s of your treasures:):):)

  6. Awesome shells! I keep meaning to tell you how proud of you I am with regard to the smoking! I hope you pat yourself on the back and find a way to reward yourself daily!

  7. OK so I read it three times and either I’m sleepy and missing your explanation or I’m sleepy and seeing things, but isn’t there a cricket in the shells?

  8. That’s another lovely collection. You did very well — again! What do the operculums (operculi) belong to? Some look to be similar in size and shape to those of the Triton’s Trumpet (Charonia tritonis) that we have here in Hawaii, but I don’t know if the species exists in your area. Just curious.


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