Sea Shells – Labor Day Gifts From Gustav

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Here’s what the beach looked like in full daylight. It was not the biggest pile I’ve ever seen, nor the most prolific in terms of whole gastropods in tip-top shape, but it was pretty impressive.

So, here’s the whole haul after they gave up their beachy stink to the bleach bath.  You can see that the majority crop today was lightening whelks.  It’s amazing to me that I found so many paper figs intact, considering how violent the wave action had been during the high surf advisory.
NOTE: a labeled version with the common names of each type of shell can be found on FLICKR by clicking here.
Here’s that big lightening whelk laid out on the tape measure.  I’m really happy with this fella.  Tootie got one even bigger!  Hoping she’ll post a few photos, too.

These are “junk” shells.  Well, not really junk, but there are those shells that you get home and realize that you can’t get the barnacle off after all, or you find a fissure or a chunk missing or whatever.  In my case, the majority of these will end up outside doing erosion control.  My friend Chris uses “junk” shells to create arts and crafts stuff.  She’s quite crafty, that Chris!
OK, so that was the Gustav adventure.  I’m really happy with this haul, and glad that my friends think of alerting me when they see a big pile of lovely gifts from the sea!  Insert clappy smiley guy here.  😀

13 thoughts on “Sea Shells – Labor Day Gifts From Gustav”

  1. I will post a couple of pictures later. I didn’t have my cell phone with me to take pictures and had to use Gary’s and I didn’t do a very good job of it. My shells are in a bleach bath until tomorrow and will post pics of those after they have a good rinsing. Had a great time!

  2. That first photo just took my breath away. I have never seen anything like it!

    Even your junk shells made me drool. Call me a shell-hick, if you must-LOL!

  3. Those shells are absolutely beautiful. If I could snap my fingers and change my life, I would be living on the beach looking for treasures every day.

  4. Beautiful!! When I was a kid we always went to Galveston after a big storm and collected. II still have the best ones!

  5. Very nice assortment. The whelks are pretty — but I’m really attracted to the colors of the scallop shells.

    Bobbie @ The Right Blue

  6. Is your bicep sore from lifting that honker of a lightning whelk?! 🙂 Awesome shells, and thanks for the expanded Flickr post! Loved it.

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