Funny thing happened…

Funny thing happened…, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

… On the way to the festival center (the old Wonders of Life building gets a workout once a year). I found two more Zyrtec-Ds in my laptop bag last night, so I took one before bed. I was just passing Mission: SPACE and tearing the packet open. You know how it has two plastic bubbles, but there’s only one pill? Well, I threw the wrong half in the trash!!! =8^0.

A nice lady stood guard while I flagged down a security dude to authorize breaking and entering into a trash can ;). And the she gave me some Purell to sanitize the outside of the bubble before breaking it open.

I am relatively safe from sneezles for a while now.
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2 thoughts on “Funny thing happened…”

  1. 😀 The subtitle for this post should be:
    “Tink dumpster dives for drugs…”

    :::runs away laughing before Tink can catch her:::

  2. Mari! LOL!

    *Hiding behind Mari*

    I would have paid money to see that, Tink.


    Oh, and btw, they also used the Wonders of Life for the Flower and Garden Festival this year. I guess you were so busy looking for those orchids that you never made it over there. 😉

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