Good gawd, does it ever end?

Good gawd, does it ever end?, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

OK, this is now OFFICIALLY creepy. My back was turned to the door and I heard a *whoosh* sound. I whirled around, and there it was- MORE conference spam fairy droppings. In broad daylight! No longer do they lurk in shadows like vampires or werewolves. The conference spam fairies become ever bolder and more brazen. None of us are safe, I tell you! Lock up your children! Preserve your brains with a nice sauvignon blanc. Who knows when or where the conference spam fairies might strike next? =8^0
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One thought on “Good gawd, does it ever end?”

  1. Ooooh, scary!

    Now, not only do I imagine them on tip-toe, but they are dragging those toes like the corpses did in the movie, ‘Mausoleum’.

    Run, run for your life to the nearest Food and Line stand!

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