Harbes Family Farm’s Maize Maze

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Harbes Family Farm’s Maize Maze

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Here on the Loverly Isle of Long, we still have quite a few farms and wide open spaces. But you must travel “out East”, and a good place is Jamesport on the North Fork, home to working farms and vineyards.

My family took a Saturday trip to Harbes Family Farm, for their corn maze and pumpkin picking.

Harbes001 30647

First order of business was chowing down on some of the sweetest corn around. Fifteen minutes to roasted perfection.

Harbes002 30648

Then off to seek our fortune in pursuit of GOLD in the Wild West Corn Maze.

Harbes003 30713

There are two giant corn mazes on 8 acres of real live corn fields. You get a treasure map that doesn’t really look like the maze at all. More of a souvenir. The first maze is pretty simple, which leads you to the more complex maze. In there you must find some “equipment” so you can navigate the lost mines and claim your gold.

Harbes004 30659

The Maze Marshall gets you started with basic instructions. You also get a flag to wave if you get lost. Other Marshalls up in towers will help you along the way.

Harbes005 30658

Yes, it is as high as an elephants eye. That’s why you carry a long pole flag in case you need help.

Harbes006 306661

The other Marshall will help you, but he teases you a bit and busts your chops. You must yell out Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaawwww! quite often to get his attention. Mostly it’s just for his own amusement.

Harbes007 30662

Harbes008 30663

Along the way you will find some large paintings. A few of them have a cut out to insert your face from behind for picture taking of your traveling party.

Harbes009 30692

At the end of the first maze you are congratulated. Not sure if this is an attempt at Roy Rogers, John Wayne or maybe Grandpa Harbes?

Harbes010 30671

Well now we are off to the bigger complex maze, in pursuit of the tools needed for mining some gold. A minor miner, map in hand, leads the search.

Harbes011 30674

When you find one of the four items, you ring an iron triangle in celebration. Could also be bragging rights to the other searchers who are going in circles.

Harbes012 30689

Then to prove you found the items you take a pencil rubbing onto your map from each item.

Harbes013 30690

Harbes014 30691

After you have found the shovel, lantern, pick axe and dynamite (and taken their picture rubbings) you must find the entrance to the long-lost Great Mine, Dusty’s Goldmine.

Harbes015 306700

Then the Sheriff will award you with a gold piece.

Harbes016 306710

Next our ultimate quarry….. PUMPKINS!

Harbes017 306706

Harbes018 306733

Not sure if these are willow trees, but the corn maze map calls this Blue Willow Pond.

Harbes019 306737

Harbes019 306735

What trip to a farm in Autumn is complete without an authentic hayride.

Harbes020 306741

It really helps to have one of these to lug your pickings around.

Harbes021 306754

Thanks for following along!

Harbes022 306712

Walk Good

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7 thoughts on “Harbes Family Farm’s Maize Maze”

  1. That looks like a great place to take the kids! Okay, I have a question…he says Autumn yet I don’t see sign of Fall. It looks like summer and I’m wondering why the pumpkins plants are dying. It seems with weather like that they could just keep going and going…

  2. Date of excursion was Oct 12 2008. It was a very sunny day in mid to upper 70*’s F. Slightly higher than usual for that time of year. Only some of our trees had started to change color, but not too many visible in the pictures.

    I think the pumpkin plants were just about at EOL (End Of Lifecycle). Probably timed that way by the farmers to be ready for pumpkin picking season.

    Fast forward to now and it is 40* F and the leaves have definitely changed!

  3. *applauding loudly*

    Tink, you have the *best* guest bloggers! 😉

    Gorgeous photos…what a wonderful family fun day. I just wish there was video of WalkGood yelling, “Yeeeee Haaaaawwwwww!”


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