How Disney’s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween

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How Disney‘s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween
(a Wordless Wednesday post)

Giant jack-o-lantern at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom


Pumpkin-headed scarecrows on Main Street USA – the bass drummer in the marching band


… and the drum major


Here’s the chef – I think he makes those delicious bakery items…


… and one of the candy-maker ladies from the confectionery.


Around the hub, just in front of the castle, the classic Disney characters show off their “Three Musketeers” Halloween costumes. Here’s Pluto…


… followed by the lovely Princess Minnie Mouse.


Here we have Musketeer Donald Duck, holding a jack-o-lantern that’s been carved with the image of his beloved Daisy Duck.


This final image is dedicated to Debbie In Paradise – feel better soon, my friend!


7 Things To Do In Walt Disney World On Halloween (except THAT!)
What do you do when Disney’s Halloween party event is “all sold out”?

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27 thoughts on “How Disney’s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween”

  1. Happy sigh…even the pumpkins in the realm of Disney are perfect. I love how no detail is ever too small for them. There’s a lesson in there for the rest of us, I’m sure.

    I’ve posted my WW contribution here, and hope you can pop by for a look soon – and hopefully share a Thematic Photographic picture, too!

  2. Oh thank you. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been to Disney a few times when it’s been decorated like this and I’ve never seen that Daisy pumpkin or Donald holding it. I’ll bet I walked right by them too.

  3. Wonderful photos! We arrived on the Saturday after Halloween last year and saw a few of the decorations in the Magic Kingdom. By Sunday morning most were gone to prepare for the Christmas ones. If they had the scarecrow pumpkins and the “Three Musketeers” – then we missed them. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! πŸ™‚ Happy WW!

  4. Sarah, isn’t is amazing how they skip right over Thanksgiving and go immediately from Halloween to Christmas? I’ve had a similar experience – a few years back, I was staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort and literally overnight, the Halloween decorations were gone and the halls were decked with Christmas decorations. I was like, hello! what happened to Thanksgiving? πŸ˜€

  5. I believe that the ‘Three Musketeers’ display is new this year, Deb. If not, then we have walked right by it quite a few times, too! LOL!

    Thanks for getting me into the holiday spirit today, Tink. Now I need to go out and buy a pumpkin to carve! πŸ˜‰

  6. I LOVE Disney but have never been there at Halloween. Thank you for sharing some of the wonderful decorations with us. I was lucky enough to visit for Christmas one year and was astounded by the beauty. You made me miss it so much, I wish I could afford to go right now.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  7. Oooooohh, how wonderful, this is one of the reasons I love your blog Tink, to be able to visit Disneyworld and enjoy the festive atmosphere! Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed this!

  8. Wow … they DO go all out don’t they? Thanks for sharing these views I’ll probably never see ;–)
    Consider yourself Boo-ed! Go check my Small Reflections blog for specifics unless you decide you’ve had enough Halloween already!
    Hugs and blessings,

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