[sticky] Next Mobile Adventure: Busch Gardens Africa/Tampa, November 10-11

UPDATED ON 11-01-2008
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If you have ideas for recreation activities in Tampa, please do leave a comment and tell me about it! .

Chez Bro, SIL and Nieceling are making their annual fall trip to Florida, and I’ll be joining them in Tampa for a long weekend.  I’m excited about Busch Gardens because they have opened a new section called “Jungala”, which looks really fun on the commercials.  I’m also going to look for something new to do in the area.  I don’t think Busch Gardens is a 4 day park, and we love the Aquarium but we’ve done it already.  Nieceling is 12, the rest of us are in our 40s.

UPDATE: We are now arriving on November 9th, so one less day.  They are coming from Disney and turns out the 9th is the day their annual passes are no longer good, so the 9th it is.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE ON 11-01-2008:  They are now not arriving until the evening of Sunday November 9th.  NOW what am I going to do with my weekend, hmmm?

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  1. Just remember you asked for ideas.
    Lowery park Zoo(including the Manatee Hospital)
    Ft DeSoto Park
    Caladesi Island
    Museum of Science and Industry

  2. Clearwater is not (I think) that far from tampa (30 miles maybe?) – you can snorkel there with the manatees. You can rent a wetsuit and take a boat over to the river where they congregate by the dozens. When my sister and I did it the cost was negligible – maybe $25 – and it was a weird and unforgettable experience! We weren’t supposed to touch them but nobody told them that — a baby tried to adopt me (could that be a clue I should go one a diet? LOL)

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