Now it looks like chocolate pudding!

Scary, isn't it? I mean, you're going for strawberry or copper hair color, and the damned formula oxidizes to THIS color!
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5 thoughts on “Now it looks like chocolate pudding!”

  1. Its hell being beautiful. I’ve been coloring my gray with a sharpe pen.

  2. Wow, I’m away from my computer for a few hours and when I get back on, you’ve had a totally busy day! It doesn’t look like chocolate pudding to me (gag) but I am sure you turned out lovely. Post photos of the finished product!

  3. Well brown’s as good a color as red.

    Although some of us, who are approximately the same age – not mentioning any names of course – (ok, me) can still get away with a blonderization (highlights) twice a year. :p

    :::runs away laughing:::

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