4 thoughts on “Small yellow orchids”

  1. The yellow ones are “Dansing Ladies” (Oncidiums) a hybrid to be sure, so Walt placed them there. The white and purple ones are surely Dendrobiums (much like Chris’s rose-colored orchid she showed on her blog.)

  2. Thanks for the 411, Ross. Are there any orchids that smell good, or do they just sit and look pretty? I’ve never noticed any with a fragrance, but then they are usually above my head in a tree somewhere, out of smelling range!

    Tink *~*~*

  3. Think I replied once, but maybe I’m losing it (shut up Chris!) Most of these Oncidiums do have a sweet fragrance like walking into a florist shop (unidentifiable). Lots of Catleyas (the corsage orchids) are fragrant as well. Doubt Chris has stuck her nose into hers (the orchid, that is!) but it probably is fragrant. Some are fragrant at night only. Some all day.

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