Strawberry ftw!

Strawberry ftw!, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

Result of post-beer hair coloring activities (also, my first Flickr upload via Blackberry).

Uploaded by Tink*~*~* on 5 Oct 08, 10.34AM EDT.

10 thoughts on “Strawberry ftw!”

  1. That’s much better than the mulchy colour of the dye. Yay for successful hair colouring!

  2. You look fabulous! And no kidding, that’s almost exactly the color my hair was until I was in my 20s (sigh), although you’d never believe it now.

  3. I should dig up some of my post-beer hair photos. Once I had hair almost to my waist and let my friend’s teenage daughter put blonde streaks in my dark brown hair. Needless to say the streaks were horrible and when she got half-way around my head she was tired and I’d had enough beer to let her quit. That was an idiot moment, but a lot of fun! I love your color. Great post-beer job!

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