8 thoughts on “technical difficulties!”

  1. Maybe it’s telling you to relax and take the day off….or maybe it’s just crap and you have to upgrade! 🙂 How’s the sunshine? I can see the sun here today, but it’s 3 degrees. Just not the same, is it?

  2. This is SO not fair. My hands and feet are freezing, I am sitting with a down blanket and hot beverages, there was frost on my car when I woke up — I needed a Sanibel Sunday, too!

  3. 3 degrees! Geeze Gayle, have you considered running away from home? I have a guest room! And it has a bathroom that is NOT used by children LOL!

    Your remarks remind me of a business trip to Columbus, OH last winter. The morning I left to come back to Florida, it was dark in the parking lot of the hotel as I scraped ice from the windows… and the woman on the radio said, “…and it’s FOUR DEGREES in Columbus”. I was like, “WTF am I doing here?” and practically kissed the ground when I landed in Fort Myers later on!

  4. Good news, the problems are gone! So I’m going to Flickr now to re-blog these photos. Stay warm! When are you coming down again? We must make an appointment to sit poolside with adult beverages!

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