The dreaded Disney cold

Yep, I’ve caught it.  Draggin’ my sorry butt this morning.  I elected to skip the 8:00 am and catch a few more Zzzzs.  My next session is at 11:00 and then I will go to the Expo floor for the lunch buffet there and roam the stalls for a while, see if there is any worthy vendor bling to be had.  Then I have sessions at 3:00 and at 4:30 and the day is over.  Not sure what I will do tonight.  Possibly just take it easy so I can have a nice Friday in one of the parks.  I think I will go for the Magic Kingdom on Friday – shouldn’t be as crowded as it will be on the weekend.

Time to hit the showers.  TTYL.

3 thoughts on “The dreaded Disney cold”

  1. Ah yes, germs spreading in the modern age…. a man from Nebraska sneezes in Orlando, and infects thousands who will bring it home with them to points North South East and West.

    Feel better. Maybe some orange and mango juice with added medicinal “imbibing” will help.

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