Wedding stuffon the Casa Ybel beach

Getting married on Sanibel must be da bomb. I have just made Gary and Tootie swear that if I ever tell them I am getting married again, they should first find out if the guy is rich and then find out if there is a pre-nup. If there is a pre-nup, lock me in a closet until I come to my senses. WORD!!!
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6 thoughts on “Wedding stuffon the Casa Ybel beach”

  1. May sound silly, but what’s a pre-nub?

    I love that picture, it kind of reminds of
    ” the bold and the beautiful”!!!

  2. I love (other people’s) weddings on sanibel. I have accidentally walked through two or three when I was beach-walking and concentrating on the shell line. Very embarrassing, especially the time I nearly bumped into the preacher (what was he doing at the edge of the surf?!) One time they offered me champagne, though!

    How nice to still have occasional thoughts about someone wanting to marry you. My shelf life is so over. Word.

  3. That photo is just breathtaking! Wow!

    And your, “Word!!!” at the end just made me spit…


  4. Wow … the setting is gorgeous, but it wasn’t a great day for a wedding was it?
    Hugs and blessings,

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