Wednesday “good morning” from Gartner

Wednesday "good morning" from Gartner, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

While there was no under-the-door spam this morning apparently the conference spam fairy has infiltrated the transportation system.

In addition to this, – am running a little late because a free-hosted board that I admin decided to go belly-up last night and I had to sit there comatose tring to remember everyone’s current email address to notify them… Maybe I should just host the board myself where the new blog http://MyMobileAdventures is hosted. Backup and restoration would then be subject to an SLA, at least!
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5 thoughts on “Wednesday “good morning” from Gartner”

  1. Ok Tink, just what exactly IS your job? You are always going someplace and doing something fun, so I was just wondering what type of work you do? Your blog is my favorite and I check it everyday. Great pictures and commentary all the time! You go girl!

  2. I’m with Kim. Just what do you do. Where can I get a job like that where I can hang out at WDW for a week and attend some meetings, eat, partake of adult beverages etc. LOL

  3. Snowbird: I am totally with you – I want Tinks job. Plus all the time she gets to spend on Sanibel finding fantastic shells. Tink, you really are an inspiration! I’m really enjoying the Disney photos and commentary. Tink, Congrats on quitting smoking. How many days is it?

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