Cotton-Topped Tamarins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Cotton-Topped Tamarins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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IMG_0330-Disney-Animal-Kingdom-Tamarin-2004I met these two little fellas (gals?) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom during a trip I took in 2004 (my pre-Florida resident days). They are called cotton-topped tamarins, and they used to be found in the wild as far north as Costa Rica. However they are now endangered and you have to go to Columbia to find them.

At the time this photo was taken, the Cast Member who is feeding them  (vitamins, by the way – yum!) told me that there were more in captivity than in the wild at this point, probably only about a thousand or so in the jungles. They are the smallest of all primates, and when they speak to each other, it sounds like birds singing! I was fortunate to hear that once.

The last few times I’ve been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the tamarins were not anywhere to be found; I hope they are just resting or maybe on loan to a zoo or something like that.   I used to see them in a tree in the garden area around the Tree of Life, close to where the lemur and the entrance to It’s Tough To Be A Bug is.  If anyone has seen them recently, please let me know where and when.


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9 thoughts on “Cotton-Topped Tamarins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. Hi Tink! Very cool little guys these Tamarins! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the move. BTW, You need to change the link on your profile to the new site address.

  2. As far as I know (please let me know if you believe differently) Disney does not do any sort of AK nature update. Of course, if it’s Disney – it would likely be highly stylized, but I would truly like to see some sort of quarterly e-magazine that details Disney’s progress and efforts in the conservation field.

    For example, they could show pics of the new babies; let us know which animals are on loan (to or from) other zoos for breeding programs; behind the scenes info. on animal care; etc.

  3. *Jumping up and down in excitement*

    Ooooh…oooooh-we love the tamarins! We spend lots of time watching them while at DAK. The Badelves can tell you where they are!


    While in Africa, pass by the safari fast pass kiosks and look for the entrance for the train. Take the train over to Rakiki’s Planet Watch, and then follow the path as if you were heading towards Conservation Station. Look over to your right, and you will find them in their new home!

    Did you know that when they are born, they are the size of your thumb? =)

  4. Oh my gosh – they are SO cool! I’d love to see these in person. I worry about our endangered species… thanks for sharing this photo and information.

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