Holy cow, I was quoted in an article on BlogHer!

Check out the article, Dreaming Of The Modern Tenement on BlogHer. Author Maria Niles used some comments I made on my blog regarding multi-generational living.

The Lodge Ladies will fondly recall my Valentine Essay on this subject. I also referenced multi-generational living in a Ruby Tuesday post back in September. I used a photo of the red stained glass door to the Moroccan pavilion in EPCOT, explaining that inside is a replica of a multi-generational Moroccan home. Click here and scroll down to the third photo.

I am thrilled to have been mentioned on BlogHer! Thank you, Maria Niles. 😀

7 thoughts on “Holy cow, I was quoted in an article on BlogHer!”

  1. Tricia, special thanks for being among the group that inspired the Valentine Rant er um I mean Essay 😉

  2. I need to go back and change one of my items in my I Have post. It asked if I had met anyone famous. Now I find out that I crawl with someone famous!! Congrats by the way. On being named in the article, not for crawling with me!! LOL. And, I just read the Valentine essay for the first time. I LOVED it. Works for me.

  3. Hi Tink,

    I’m so glad you saw my post on BlogHer with your quote. Love the post and your blogging is wonderfully passionate. It was my pleasure to include you.


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