5 thoughts on “Home depot ONE day after Halloween”

  1. Same thing is happening over here in Belgium. We have Sinterklaas, that’s a Saint bringing the kids toys and sweets, and we celebrate that dec 6th. And then there is Christmas of course.
    And the last couple of years, Halloween is having a major break through here too. And now Sinterklaas is being squeezed between those other two festivities. Right after Halloween – or even before – the shops start selling Christmas stuff. The Children don’t know what to believe anymore!

  2. I was in WalMart about a week ago…and an announcement came on for some employee to go to “the Christmas aisle”.

    I couldn’t handle it. I left the store.

  3. Fred Meyer actually had a small display of the “special” ornaments in August. I see these guys are still unpacking…FM has Christmas in all its glory today. Must be those night elves. Shoot…all Thanksgiving is is a time to get together with family and argue…don’t need decorations for that! 🙂

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