Just off Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom

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Just off Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom
(a Ruby Tuesday post)

IMG_6734-Disney-Magic-Kingdom-Art-Festival-10-17-2008As you make your way down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, there is a little side street off to the right where you can escape the crowds and the noise for a bit and chill out, enjoying the ambiance. The last time I was there, just last month, I made such a pitstop there to enjoy my lunch. And as I sat there munching, I began to realize that I was sitting in Ruby Tuesday heaven!

In this first photo, you can see that there are red chairs and a table, and that there is more vaguely red stuff reflected ghost-like in the windows. Before getting my lunch, I sat for a while and listened to the most fascinating thing – a singing lesson! Yes, the windows above the stores advertise all sorts of services available in these buildings, like singing lessons and ballet lessons. The fascinating thing about the singing lesson is that when the singer first starts the scale, you are absolutely sure that it’s a guy, but four octaves (!!!) later, and you could swear it’s a soprano! Back down the scale she descends, and inexplicably, you’re back to believing that you are listening to a very fine baritone limbering up the old vocal chords. It’s kind of like an aural hallucination or something… isn’t Magic Kingdom supposed to be a “dry” park? 🙂


If you can pry your attention away from the singing lessons long enough to allow for visual stimuli to register in your brain, you will soon realize that the table and chairs are not the only things that are red in this place. Why, the very sidewalk is a lovely shade of blush that compliments the bricks of the Crystal Arts store quite nicely.


Look, here’s a free table in the shade. And it’s clean, too! Mostly, that’s the way you find stuff in the Magic Kingdom – clean, inviting, and just waiting for you to come along and think it’s all just swell. The Disney Cast Members work hard to ensure a happy guest experience, but guess what? The guests are at least partially responsible for everything looking “neat and pretty”. They bus their own tables, and they dispose of their trash in a proper and orderly manner. So we have a lot of people to thank for this wonderful table. But it’s empty! What shall we eat at this lovely table on a shady side street in the Magic Kingdom?


Mmmmm, chocolate-dipped strawberries – served up by Da Mouse Himself! Now that’s what I call a snack!

What? Oh yeah… yeah, you’re right. I WAS kind of concerned about gaining weight on this trip. I fought so hard to lose some of the I-don’t-smoke-anymore-weight.  No, no, you’re right. I should have that nice turkey-on-whole-grain sammish and a bottle of water. It’s just unfortunate that we’re sitting here, right outside the place where they make all the sweets, and I can SMELL the chocolate-dipped strawberries… hey, they’re fruit! I mean, there’s fruit in them there strawberries. So they should be ok. Five a day, you know – five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. That’s what all those healthy people say you should eat. They don’t mention anything about chocolate but you know, I hear they make it from a plant, which would be a vegetable… see, that would probably count as TWO servings of healthy stuff!

Will Tink *~*~* break down and eat the incredibly delicious and succulent yet poundage-inducing chocolate-dipped strawberries? Or will she settle for the dry, boring turkey-on-whole-grain sammish? And what about…. HAROLD???? (dun-dun-dun!). For the answers to these and other questions, tune in to next week’s episode of “My Mobile Adventures *~*~* presents… RUBY TUESDAY!

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9 thoughts on “Just off Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom”

  1. All those red tables. I could enjoy myself just sitting at one with a couple of hot cappuccino mugs, and watch the world just pass by. During this season where the winter is approaching and it is comfortably warm there. A treat, says I!

  2. Dun, dun, dun!

    Now *that* was funny-LOL! Can’t wait to see if you chose the ‘fruit and vegetable platter’. 😉

    Oh, and now I want to sit at a red table and listen for the singing lesson, too! 🙂

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