6 thoughts on “My voting strategy worked”

  1. That line I could stand in…it’s warm! My line (if it goes out the door which I’m sure it will) will be in 10 degree weather and it’s supposed to be snowing! Better than the rain/sleet some people in the country are dealing with. Woke up this morning with some flu-stomach thing and I want to curl up and die. Can’t do that with toddlers! Cancelled our first trip to storytime at the library, now waiting to see if I’ll be able to stomach taking hockey photos for a local high school. I hope to be “cured” by the wrestling meet tonight, and somewhere in there I have to vote! Our polls just opened so I’ve still got lots of time. I’d hate to throw-up in line! Glad you got out and voted early. Good for you!

  2. We employed a similar strategy — waited until between 9:30 and 10:00. Don’t know if that was the reason, or if it’s just that our rural precinct is so small, but my husband and I literally walked right in and voted immediately. NO WAIT! The poll workers told us when we got there that over 50% of our precinct had already voted. Made us feel a bit like laggards…

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