Pointing The Way, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Pointing The Way, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

(a Wordless Wednesday post)


Why is this couple facing in opposite directions?

What could be the reason for that?

Perhaps they’ve had a quarrel?

Or possibly, it’s a dance move.

Oh, I know – perhaps they are smitten, but shy!


None of the above – they are merely pointing the way to the restrooms. Ladies to the right, men to the left!

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18 thoughts on “Pointing The Way, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. I wouldn’t have gotten that one. Nope. Not if I’d guessed all day.

    Incidentally, you’re the only one (so far) to make the Motel 6 connection to my title (I was wondering if anyone would). But to answer your question, no that shot was the outside of Clawson’s Restaurant in Beaufort, NC. I’d just finished a magnificent dinner there and decided to work some of it off climbing up in the bed of my pickup with my tripod and getting a few shots form a unique angle unavailable on the ground. (Okay, it wasn’t that much of a climb, but when your knees are as bad as mind, it seems like it!)

  2. I’m glad you explained it, because, like Mojo, I would have been guessing until the end of time.

    Maybe she just can’t stand the smell of him.


  3. nice. I visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom when it first opened in 1998. I loved it. I need to go back; I am sure it is better.

    Happy WW and Thanksgiving.

  4. My immediate guess was they are dancing. It never occurred to me they are signs to the washrooms. Reminds me to look at things from a whole perspective.

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