Post-Election Night Ruminations

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Last night was very emotional.  I was surprised at myself by just how emotional I was when it became apparent that Obama had won the election.  Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last from the same crap that hasn’t worked for the last 8 years.  Obama’s crap might not work either, but at least the nation will not be a living, breathing exemplification of Einstein’s Definition of Insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results).

Of course I had to stay up for the speeches (bravo to McCain – he must have been gravely disappointed but he was a class act last night), and then I had to stay up and listen to the pundits pontificate about the speeches and analyze the voter turnout and wax poetic on all of the historic aspects of this election, the least of which was that a black man had attained the highest government office in the free world.  There were statistics on first time voter turnout, on youth voter turnout, on voter turnout in general, on who of what color or gender or age or geographic location or (insert demographic of choice) voted for whom, etc.

You know what the best part of Obama’s victory is?

We don’t have to listen to Palin pounding her shoe a la Khrushchev any more.  I think she is what did McCain in.  She is freakin’ scary-to-the-right.  She drove me to cross party lines.  I took all the online quizzes and I was dead in the center between the two candidates.  Palin pushed me, a quasi-militant feminist, over the edge into the Obama camp.  She was a real mistake in judgment on McCain’s part.  I’m not sure what he thought he was doing there.  I wasn’t about to vote for him just because he had a woman on his ticket.  She was the wrong choice.

I know that probably one or two of you reading this are profoundly disappointed this morning, but I’m going to ask a favor of you.  Give him a chance. Pray for him.  Pray that the entire country, both sides of the aisle, rolls up their sleeves to help him.  It’s a freakin’ mess out there, and he’s going to need ALL of our earnest effort to help get us out of it.  Pray also that no one screws this up for us by assassinating him before he even has a chance to try and unravel this mess that he is inheriting.  Yes, I worry about that.  It’s what we do to Hope in this country – we assassinate it.  I am old enough to remember JFK, Dr King and RFK, so I can’t help being a little apprehensive.

I hope you will join me in praying that God will favor our country by keeping our new president-elect safe and sending him the help that he will need to lead us out of this quagmire and into the light.

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7 thoughts on “Post-Election Night Ruminations”

  1. I stayed up too … what an amazing night it was! My thoughts and prayers this morning parallel your own. I’ve been praying for the safety of Obama and his family daily since he started his campaign … and shared a few of my thoughts at Sacred Ruminations this morning.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Right on Tink. Well said. I don’t remember every getting tears in my eyes before when I heard who the winner was and I have voted in a lot of elections! I also don’t every remember an election before that got people so excited. The parties in Times Square, in Grant Park, in front of the White House etc were amazing last night. I also cannot help but think of the Kennedys and MLK. I pray that God protects Obama, those around him, and this country in the days and years to come. And I also agree with you, McCain was a class act last night. Well done!

  3. Well I’ve posted my thoughts on the matter and they’re very similar to yours. With the notable exception that I was already in the Obama camp going into the Democratic Primary.

    I thought Senator McCain’s speech was the most gracious and classy thing I’ve heard come out of his mouth ever. I don’t know if he choked on any of those words or not, but he delivered it with more ease than he’s delivered anything in this campaign. So I truly hope he meant it when he promised to work across the party lines. If he actually does that, it will make the job of fixing the broken parts easier by an order of magnitude.

    I agree completely that Sarah Palin was the worst mistake he made in the race. One poll showed her as a bigger drag on his campaign than his association with “W”, and frankly I didn’t think that was possible.

    But now the politicking is done and we can get on with the business of crawling from the wreckage of the last 8 years. And I echo your prayers for the safety of our new Commander in Chief. He is perhaps in the most precarious situation any President-Elect has ever been in — historic figure or not. I hope to not only see him remembered as our first black President, I hope to see him remembered by history as the President that brought a country and a world to the table and got them to see the wisdom of peaceful coexistence.

    I mean if you’re gonna dream, dream big right?

    BTW, it’s interesting that you should compare Palin to Kruschev when it was Obama they accused of being a “Socialist”… kind of an ironic turn there isn’t it? But I suppose when you can see Russia form your house you pick up little things, right? You betcha! (*wink*)

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