Sand Sculpting Contest on Fort Myers Beach – earlier pics

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Since my AT&T 3G phone service was messing up early in the day, there are some pics you guys didn’t get.  I’ve sent them up to Flickr – you will find just a few of them here –

CLICK to see some more pics from Fort Myers Beach today

I’ll try to get some more up there soon.  I took lots later in the day at the Holiday Inn, some of  which I already sent to this blog earlier today.  Right now I am super tired and I have not packed yet.  I might just go to bed and get up early to pack.

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2 thoughts on “Sand Sculpting Contest on Fort Myers Beach – earlier pics”

  1. Those sculptures are pretty amazing. I’ve never gotten over to Ft. Myers beach for this event–or any event as far as that goes. Too crowded. But it is unbelieveable what you can do with a little sand and water.

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