6 thoughts on “Testing new camera phone!”

  1. Yes, very nice!

    I got a new phone last week. :p Lots of bells and whistles – it’s a walkman, and a camera. I think it has a toaster too, but I’m still looking for that. :p

    Someday, I may actually post a phone pic to my blog…or maybe not. 😀 Looks very complicated and I don’t think I really need to blog by phone, because I take my camera pretty much everywhere.

  2. If the phone does email, it is very easy to set up – not complicated at all! But I see what you mean about taking your camera wherever you go.

  3. What a perfect photo! I can’t believe it was taken by a phone. I think you should call it a camera with a phone rather than the other way around! That street looks like something out of a movie. I’d kill someone if I had to live like that. I don’t think I like people enough! 🙂

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