The Red Caboose

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The Red Caboose
(a Ruby Tuesday post)


This caboose was at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida this past spring (2008). The caboose actually served as the “lost and found” for the festival. I went with my friend Christene, and we had an excellent time.

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15 thoughts on “The Red Caboose”

  1. We love trains, and red cabooses always make for good picture taking. A lost and found caboose, what a really cool idea!
    Happy RT.

  2. Great caboose, a throwback to the (sort-of) romantic era of trains. A style in red that can never be duplicated in this era…

  3. I remember little red cabooses when they actually used them on trains. When I was about 6 years old we lived across the road from the railroad tracks (on the right side of the tracks–not the wrong side LOL). Anyway, I used to stand outside when the train went by and wave to the engineer in the engine and the brakeman who rode in the little red caboose. They always waved back.

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