RED Stuff at Christmas Time in Disney’s EPCOT

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RED Stuff at Christmas Time in Disney’s EPCOT
(a Ruby Tuesday post)

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I’m sort of grumpy because I was supposed to spend a 4-day weekend in Orlando and should be about driving home by now, but an injured foot precluded the idea of tramping around the parks. And so, I console myself this Ruby Tuesday by looking at photos of Christmas past in EPCOT.

IMG_3611 You may recall that I’ve recently published photos of the Lights of Winter at EPCOT. Today I’ve got just a few scenes from around the World Showcase.

Here we have Father Christmas. I found him telling stories to children of all ages in “France”. I find him kind of attractive, in a Richard Gere sort of way 😉 In fact, the day this photo was taken, I found either Santa or a Santa equivalent telling stories in nearly every country – even Morocco!


Here we are in “Germany”. There’s something about this beam-and-batten, Tudorish architecture that is eminently suitable for Christmas decorations.

But wait – there’s more! This isn’t even the best part of Christmas in “Germany”…


The best thing about “Germany” is the model trains, and at Christmas time, this little Bavarian Alps village is all done up for Christmas. There are tiny, decorated pine trees and wreaths everywhere. Here is the village square; the church and other buildings are all festooned with garland, and even the light post is decorated. But wait – there’s even MORE!

IMG_3638It’s the be-ribboned train station, looking just as festive as the town square. OH! What’s that on the roof? Could it be…. SANTA? I think it just might be! But what’s he doing landing on the roof of the train station? Perhaps someone lives there, in the apartment upstairs from the waiting room. Yes, that must be it!

In World Showcase Plaza, right at the end of the promenade, there’s a giant Christmas tree with lights blazing, and giant presents set underneath it. Here’s a giant tag on one of the giant presents. I love the use of the candle’s halo for the “o” in EPCOT.

I feel a little better now that I’ve reviewed the pictures of what I missed this weekend. There’s always next year to spend a little of the holiday time in Walt Disney World. Until then, I can plan and dream!

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Flora, Fauna, Magic! revisited

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Flora, Fauna, MAGIC! revisited

(a Camera Critters post)

Was reliving some old trip reports to Disney, and came across this Photo Story that I call “Flora, Fauna, MAGIC!”. It’s 4 minutes, 38 seconds, set to music, mostly animals found around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It’s a Windows Media Player file.


CLICK TO VIEW Fall Frolick 2004 – Flora, Fauna, MAGIC!

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