Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida

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Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida

(a Wordless Wednesday post)
(also, a Watery Wednesday post)

Photo taken on Sanibel Island, January 5th 2008.
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31 thoughts on “Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida”

  1. It’s like somebody painted the sky. In a word, breathtaking. I love beach perspectives like this, and definitely need to spend more time with sand between my toes.

  2. What a wonderful pink strip. And the strip of orangey yellow light above it. The people are so tiny! Great feeling of distance. Lovely photo.

  3. Wonderful photo. Sanibel is such a beautiful destination, and the sky in the background is lovely. Makes me long for the Atlantic Coast. The California beaches just are quite the same for me.

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