Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida

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Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida

(a Wordless Wednesday post)
(also, a Watery Wednesday post)

Photo taken on Sanibel Island, January 5th 2008.
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31 thoughts on “Early morning beach raid – Sanibel Island, Florida”

  1. It’s like somebody painted the sky. In a word, breathtaking. I love beach perspectives like this, and definitely need to spend more time with sand between my toes.

  2. What a wonderful pink strip. And the strip of orangey yellow light above it. The people are so tiny! Great feeling of distance. Lovely photo.

  3. Wonderful photo. Sanibel is such a beautiful destination, and the sky in the background is lovely. Makes me long for the Atlantic Coast. The California beaches just are quite the same for me.

  4. This is so pretty. I would be grabbing lots of sea shells. I saw Martha Stewart frame a picture frame with shells. Those would be perfect for that.

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