Lamp Post Critters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Lamp Post Critters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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IMG_6915-DAK-lamp-post-spider-webSpiders! *shudder*
At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the infrastructure – buildings, bridges, light fixtures, etc. – are covered with folk-art styled critters. Carved, painted, bright and whimsical, some of these cuties can be found on the lamp posts sprinkled throughout the park. Here’s a spider weaving a web on a lamp; click the photo and you’ll see evidence of the presence of this faux arachnid’s real-life brethren.

IMG_6938-DAK-lamp-post-bunniesThe Prey Prays
I found these bunnies in the quiet patio area out back of the Flame Tree BBQ counter service place. I like this area because of the spectacular view of Expedition Everest; one can sit there with a cappucino and become mesmerized watching the cars slowly ascend into the darkness, only to emerge from the other side, careening around with screaming cargo. Anyhow, you might have noticed that these bunnies are in a sort of a praying posture, and they appear to be a bit bug-eyed. Of what are they a-feared, you ask? Well…

Well, no wonder – there’s an owl soaring above that’s got the bunnies assuming positions of supplication. “Please, don’t swoop down and eat us!” they seem to plead… actually, that owl doesn’t look all that scary to me. In fact, he sort of reminds me of Van Halen’s logo. C’mon, you see it too, don’t you? That’s not scary! Well, not unless they’re thinking of getting back with David Lee Roth AGAIN. In which case, my advice is to “run, little bunnies – FLEE! Flee for your lives!” 😉

IMG_6917-DAK-lamp-post-turtle-snail“I’m singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain…”
I love this one – the turtle assumes the Gene Kelly position and I fully expect him to break into song at any given moment. And the sky! The sky is just that amazing Florida blue sky that I’ve grown to revere.

I’m sure there are lots more whimsical lamp posts in Walt Disney World. This is just a small sampling of them. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

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  1. Great post (pun intended)! 😀

    I particularly like the turtle one! I’ll have to pay closer attention when next I go to WDW!

  2. I love anything Disney! Very creative post!! Last night we went to Disney on Ice and what a show I love all of their ice show (there are a few pics on my blog). Happy Holidays!

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