Osborne Lights, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Osborne Lights, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

(a Manic Monday post)

There’s one in nearly every neighborhood. You know the one I’m talking about. The house that goes WAY overboard every year. So it was with the Osborne family of Arkansas. Their hobby of doing bigger and better Christmas lights each year caused lots of traffic, which displeased the neighbors enough to seek a legal remedy to the problem.

Somehow, Disney got word of this and decided to relocate the Osborne family’s lights to their then-called Disney-MGM Studios. The lights now live in the Streets of America area, and Disney actually starts putting them up in the early fall, since there is so much to hang.

Without further ado, I present some photos I took of the Osborne lights on December 8th 2006. Click any photo to see a larger version on Flickr (choose All Sizes, then Original)







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12 thoughts on “Osborne Lights, Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Again, I am living in the wrong place! That looks so magical and I can’t imagine how wonderful it is to be there and see it in person!!! I’ve MISSED you, Tink!!!

  2. amazing display of lights! it’s really beginning to look a lot like christmas!!! it’s just days before one of the most special day!

  3. I so wanted to obnoxiously decorate my house like that this year, but not happening! I’m shooting for next year. I want to learn how to program it in to a computer and have the lights go off and on dancing to music. I live in a pretty rural hick neighbor so the kids around here would love it!

  4. Being as I am from Arkansas I know all about the Osbornes. They’re quite the family and they put on an amazing spectacle where ever they may be. That is an awesome show. I wish I could go see the lights @ Disney!!!
    Happy Manic Monday ~ My Lights

  5. I don’t think they give them out any more, but that year these pics were taken, one of my friends brought some with her. If you thought looking at Christmas lights through them was cool, you should check out FIREWORKS with them!

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