Santa in the Sky! at the Tween Waters Inn, Captiva, Florida

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Santa in the Sky! at the Tween Waters Inn, Captiva, Florida

As promised this past Ruby Tuesday, here’s the “Santa Series” from the Tween Waters Inn, Captiva Island, Southwest Florida. It was a gorgeous, blue-sky Thanksgiving Day, and I very much enjoyed seeing “Tweenies” all gussied up it its Christmas finery. Hope you enjoy!

Old Captiva House is the restaurant at the Inn. The Crow’s Nest is more of a bar/lounge atmosphere, and they sometimes have live music on the weekends.

Santa has climbed a palm tree in order to get a better view of the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Down low in the photo, between the palms, you can see a dot. That dot is a para-sailor. I think I need to try that!

Santa shields his eyes against the afternoon sun to gaze calmly down upon a small knot of concerned citizens who have gathered at the foot of the palm tree to beg him to “come down, Santa – come down!”. I can just tell from the look on his face, he’s got absolutely NO intention of coming down any time soon! Why would he? It’s a great view!

In this photo, if you click through to the bigger version on Flickr, you can see the infamous “Tweenie-Cam” between the two front hooves of the last reindeer on the left. It’s mounted on the chimney. Wanna see it from the other end? Click below and enjoy!

CLICK ME to see the Gulf of Mexico LIVE from the Infamous Tweenie-Cam!

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