The Best Of My Mobile Adventures 2008

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The Best Of My Mobile Adventures 2008

It’s been some year. I’ve migrated between blogging platforms and had three different mobile blogging devices. I’ve been to beaches, festivals, theme parks and foreign ports of call. I’ve strengthened and fortified existing friendships and forged new ones. I’m a founding member of a crawl, for cryin’ out loud! 🙂 Yes, it’s certainly been some year.

I completed an entire year of blogging in mid-October but waited until the end of the calendar year to do a “best of” post. The way I figured out what my “best of” was is this – I took a look at my SiteMeter statistics, not for how many times the page was viewed, but how many times it was viewed whereby the referer was a search engine. So, anyone who visits because I posted a link to Trip Advisor or The Dis or Wordless Wednesday – I love you dearly, but this is a measure of whether or not my blog is pulling unsolicited traffic. And guess what? It is!

Here, therefore, are my Top 12 Posts of 2008. They are pretty evenly split between Disney-related and SW Florida-related, with a couple of totally un-related thrown in for good measure.

12. Cyber Monday – SHOPPING!

Cyber Monday is the Monday right after Thanksgiving, and it’s supposed to be the internet version of Black Friday. Get online, everyone, and stimulate that economy! It’s sort of like Grandparent’s Day or Secretary’s Day. We love grandparents and secretaries, but let’s face facts – Hallmark made up those holidays thereby expanding the gifting industry a bit. Anyhow, on Cyber Monday, I debuted some of the items on my own Amazon Wish List. I’m actually surprised that the post did as well as it did, considering it has not been out there for very long. However, it appeared on just the right day, and I got hits from a number of search engines besides Google.

11. More Disney Characters in RED

This was a Ruby Tuesday post that I did as a follow up to #03. on this list. It did well enough to score in the Top 12, but still miles behind the original in terms of views. I think people liked this one because it starts off with Pooh 🙂

10. Red Stuff from Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Another Ruby Tuesday post. This time, a different part of Florida is featured. I’d picked up my friend Kim aka Saniholic aka Angel Wings from the airport, and before making the perilous crossing over to Sanibel, we stopped for some fresh shrimp over near the San Carlos Blvd. bridge in Fort Myers.

IMG_6768-Disney-Minnie-Mouse-Magic-Kingdom-Halloween 09. EPCOT Lights of Winter (by special request)

Back to Disney – I’d been conversing with some folks on The Dis about the holiday display at EPCOT, and posted these photos of the Lights of Winter especially for them.

08. How Disney’s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween

Alternative title: “Halloween Spits Up All Over The Magic Kingdom” 🙂 No, seriously – Disney really does it right for Halloween, and I especially love the character statues that are set up in the hub before the castle. Well done, Disney!

07. Yesterday’s shelling haul from the Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel Island

This post chronicles the results of a late-ish August visit to the beach after a storm. Found tons of paper figs and other smelly carnage at the Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island.

IMG_6189_Sanibel_Shells_09122008 06. Plunder from the 2:00 AM sea shell raid

This was not really one of those middle of the night “booty calls” from Tootie and Gary. We actually arranged this one ahead of time, after figuring out what time the tide would be going out. They’d been to Blind Pass (between Sanibel and Captiva) the night before and there was a huge shell pile there, so we figured the high seas would spit more up onto the shores during high tide that night – and we were right!

05. Santa in the Sky! at the Tween Waters Inn, Captiva, Florida

Taken on Thanksgiving, this is another post that one would think has not been out there long enough to do well. However, I picked up a lot of hits on Christmas Eve – people were googling around to find out what time Santa could be seen in the sky and they kept ending up on this page 🙂

04. Holy cow, I was quoted in an article on BlogHer!

I ran around to every place I post, including Twitter, hollering “OMG Blogher just quoted me – w00t” I was SO excited! 😀 However, this is not THAT traffic – it’s search engine-referred, which means people google around for Blogher a lot. The best part was when the author who quoted me stopped by and left a very gracious comment. w00t!

03. Disney’s Ladies in RED

This is the little post that could – it just keeps on generating traffic. Who knew that so many people would be interested in Disney ladies who wear red? I also get a lot of traffic from Google Images searches, people looking for Disney characters with red hair. Who knew?

02. Sea Shells – Labor Day Gifts From Gustav

The URL was posted to Trip Advisor, which generated a ton of interest – but I’m only counting traffic from search engines in this “best of” synopsis. It’s amazing how many people hit this post after googling for information about Gustav’s effect on the beaches and the tides and such.

01. 7 Things To Do In Walt Disney World On Halloween (except THAT!)

Ah, the number one post of 2008 – and all because Chez Bro could not get tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! This is one of the few times I’ve attempted to do an instructional post, and it seems to have been really well received. People are always doing a search for stuff to do at Disney World – I’m STILL getting hits on this one, long after Halloween!


So there we have it – the top 12 posts, the Best of My Mobile Adventures 2008. My wish for all who read this is for a healthy, prosperous and happy 2009.

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  1. Woohoo!! Way to go!! I have always loved the posts you do on Disney, I’m not surprised they are you top posts!
    I’m curious to find out what mine are?
    It looks like you’re having a great holiday out there, even with the snow! Yeah, the pizza makes up for a lot now doesn’t it?
    Happy New Year Tink. I wish you lots of happy moments for 2009 and good health. And lots and lots of bloggy friendship. I’m happy to have met you too, thanks for being my friend!

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