To absent friends

To absent friends, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 11 Jan ’09, 3.34pm EST PST

Let’s see … Fellow members of The Hut who are not present for Super Crawl Sunday include Fran, Dale, Jeanne, Bonnie and Stefne. Special shout-out from me, Chris and Tootie to Gayle who is freezing her butt off in Alaska. We wish u were here! Special shout-out from me to The Talkies and to mah Spa Sistas, featuring Sunny, Kathleen and my fellow Lawn Guuyland escapee, Debbie. Mwah, kisses!

Boo-boo foot update; shelling can give you blisters!

Boo-boo foot update; shelling can give you blisters!, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 11 Jan ’09, 12.42pm EST PST

Many of you are aware of a foot injury that happened in mid-ish December and put me on the bench from running. I won’t be off the bench again until Jan 21, which is hopefully the date that the doc says it is ok to start again. Surprisingly, I miss it – so much so that I actually dreamed of running last night!

Anyhow – the foot seems to be a little swollen still. My shelling shoes are tight on that side, and I got a blister yesterday. Tootie gave me a Care Bears band aid to put on it, to keep my regular shoes from rubbing too much. She actually said at first that she had The Little Mermaid band aids, but apparently was fresh out…. 😉

We are getting ready to leave soon for Super Crawl Sunday, so stay tuned!