A tour of my home office

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A tour of my home office

(a Manic Monday post)

ClutterCentralToday’s Manic Monday prompt is “office”. I haven’t had an office in an office building in quite some time. As mentioned in the About Tink *~*~* tab, I’m fortunate enough to be a full-time telecommuter. One of the stipulations of my telecommute agreement with the firm is that I have a dedicated space free from distruptive influences and distractions in which to work. When I lived with my brother prior to building this house that I live in now in Florida, my office was upstairs in what I called “The Suite At Chez Bro” – basically, I had the run of the whole upstairs of his house. In fact, a photo of my office at Chez Bro was the first photo I ever uploaded to Flickr! If you click the photo to the left, you will be brought to Flickr in a new window, where you can view the clever tags I placed all over the photo.

Once the new house was completely built and I moved to Florida, I converted one of the bedrooms in my house into a home office. It took me a while to get it all set up. I don’t believe in credit card debt and therefore it took me a while to acquire all the furniture. Now I spend most of my work day in there, and I am glad that I took the time to put together a room that is both comfortable and functional.

Woven Mickey Mouse throw from Walt Disney World Orlando, May 2008

This oversized, overstuffed chair folds out into a twin bed; you have to roll the ottoman away to do that. I got it from the JC Penney catalog. I like to sit here with my laptop and work, or drape myself all over it with the headset on during conference calls. That lamp is ancient – it used to stand beside the upright piano in my grandparents’ house, and was one of the few things I actually requested when they passed on. Those particular shelves hold books, jars of sea shells and some loose seashells too. Also, one shelf is a shrine to Tinker Bell and also holds a few other Disneyana-type objects. The bottom shelf has all my childhood books; although many of them are in sad condition and falling apart, I cannot bear to part with them.

IMG_4444-Home-Office-Book-Shelves-2Sitting on the love seat in my home office, this is what’s right in front of you. That fan on the shelf was used by me in many productions of The Merry Widow (in which I played Valencienne) and La Traviata (in which I played Flora). On the shelf below that, you can see that the final Harry Potter book is not on the shelf with its brethren. That’s because it was not published until July 2007 but the photo was taken in May 2007. The bottom two shelves are devoted to my DVD collection. Most of the very bottom shelf are Disney DVDs.

IMG_4445-Home-Office-Closet-Windows-ShuttersStill lounging in the chair, if you look to the left of the book shelves, there’s a closet followed by a north-facing window. Even in the summer, the north light is cooler than in the rest of the house, but I still appreciate having the plantation shutters to shut out the heat if need be. Plantation shutters are all the rage in Florida, and they really do help to keep the place cool.

IMG_4446-Home-Office-DeskNot much changes over the years – as you can see, I still have a "clutter central" of sorts. A couple of things have changed. The fax machine/phone base has been relocated, and that cell phone sitting by the computer is about three or four phones back – since then, I’ve had a Motorola RIZR, a Blackberry Curve 8310 and currently a Nokia E71. I still haven’t put up all my diplomas, although I did buy frames for them. So the photo of downtown Manhattan, complete with World Trade Center "twin towers" retains its singular status on the wall above my desk. It serves to remind me of my roots, every day. Not only does it depict the place where I worked for many years, but I can tell that the photographer was standing in Brooklyn, city of my birth, when s/he snapped the shot.

By the way, this really IS a dedicated space for work. The house came with a built-in desk in the great room, which is where I use my own personal laptop. I’m sitting there right now, typing away at this post. Perhaps someday I’ll share pics of that space, too.

Do you work from home, too? Are you comfortable working from home, or do you find it too distracting? Tell me your story!

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11 thoughts on “A tour of my home office”

  1. Tink, what a great post! I guess it satisfies the “nosy” in me. I mean, if we are weren’t a little bit curious why would we read (daily!) about someone else’s life that we don’t know?! 🙂 I would love to have an income I could make from home. I like my home even with all it’s unfinishedness (like that word?) and quirks. I don’t like to leave, and if I could make money to boot I’d be in heaven. Can’t wait to see the rest of your world.

  2. Ooooh! I love the comfy chair!

    Unfortunately, I don’t think working from home would quite work with my profession! lol

  3. I distract too easily to work from home.But I’ll come and organize your disorganization.I love doing that.And I like that big-ass chair too.

  4. My job is perfect for telecommuting, but my boss (the state government) won’t let us do it. I think there are too many people who get paid for ‘supervisor’ titles where I work who are afraid that their lack of purpose would be uncovered if we weren’t on site. I imagine it would be a tough transition for me, but I’d love to do it — I certainly waste enough time in the office, and at home there would be additional distractions (like the kitchen). I wish governmental entities would try it, they are having serious budget troubles, and it would make things easier for all of us. And then I could shop for a big ass chair of my own, because I’ve got just the thing to fit into it.

  5. Tink, What a great office and SO NEAT! I was going to do my home office and then Mo mentioned the oath of office Obama will take tomorrow and I did that! How wondeerful to have a picture of the Twin Towers on your wall! But of course you are a New Yorker deep down, right? 🙂

  6. Great office. And where is the clutter you mentioned? I have a bunch of my childhood books too. And yes, they are in disrepair also. But, it shows how much they were loved.

  7. Love your office. I work all too frenquently at home (nights, weekends and holidays). Rich and I share an office (3rd bedroom in our house)…back to back desks so we face each other. We are often in there at the same time…don’t know why it works, but it does. (We are really good at tuning eachother out.)

  8. I for got to mention that I like your big ass chair, too…Our office is way too small for a large piece of furniture like that…good thing, if we had one, we’d both be in it and get no work done. (insert tee hee hee smiley)

  9. Your office looks incredibly — impressively — tidy! I work from home, too, but I don’t think I’ll be posting any photos of my workspace, which I describe fondly as organized chaos. Translation: It looks disheveled and scary to anyone else, but I know exactly where everything is among the piles of papers and assorted heaps of whatevers.

    P.S. Kudos to you for having the patience and resolve to furnish your office a little at a time, as you can afford it, instead of running up huge credit card balances.

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