EPCOTS’s China – perspective in RED

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EPCOT’s China – perspective in RED
(a Ruby Tuesday post)


These are the magnificent entry arches to the China pavilion at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. The China pavilion uses the color RED a lot, so readers should be prepared to see more of EPCOT’s China in the future!

Oh, and I predict that Elaine, my bloggy friend across the seas, will LOVE the composition of this photo.

Can anyone guess why?


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7 thoughts on “EPCOTS’s China – perspective in RED”

  1. The 45° angle must be it. Being in a wheelchair, i often cannot place the viewfinder up to my eye without um…repositioning the camera. I could have taken this shot! The detailing on the arch could only mean that Disney had their hand in the design. Which is stunning. Excellent!

  2. Because she’s always tipsy and leans to the right a lot!!! =0p…j/k!!!

    Thta’s a great picture!

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