Got a new coffee pot on SALE!

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Got a new coffee pot on SALE!

(a Manic Monday post)

IMG_0038-Old-Coffee-Pot Ah, what word strikes more fervent pleasure in the hearts of inveterate shoppers than “SALE”? My old coffee pot is from 1997 or so. It was a Christmas gift from my friend Grace, who lives in Maine. It’s a 4 cup Black and Decker. Before this coffee pot, I was using one of those aluminum top-of-the-stove drip pots that you pour boiling water into and wait forEVAH.

IMG_0040-New-Coffee-Pot-In-Box Well, I was at Tarzhay (that’s how the French would pronounce “Target”) and they were having a sale on everything and anything. I found this cute little 5-cup model. Coincidentally, it is a Black and Decker, same as the old coffee pot. You can read about it here at Amazon Black & Decker DCM675BMT 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Carafe, Black/Stainless

IMG_0041-Please-Wash-Me-New-Coffee-Pot While deboxing, I discovered that the new coffee pot comes complete with a scoop (it’s a perfect tablespoon – I measured) and an admonishment on an orange card in three different languages to “Please Wash Me”. I would never ignore such instructions. I don’t even remove the tags from my pillows. I’m a “rules” type of person.

IMG_0042-New-Coffee-Pot-Deboxed Here are all the pieces-parts of the new Black and Decker coffee pot, completely deboxed. The instructions say that we must run a pot of clear water, with a filter in place, through the post in order to remove any dust from the manufacturing process. Okay….

IMG_0046-New-Coffee-Pot-Has-A-Timer Oh, looky – the new coffee pot by Black and Decker has a timer! I’m going to have fun with this. I think this will make me get out of bed. I won’t want my coffee to get stale or have a burnt flavor, so I will get up on time to drink it.

IMG_0053-Old-dejected-coffee-pot The old coffee pot sits dejected on the pantry floor near the trash can. I won’t put it in the can yet, because I want to be sure that the new coffee pot is up to my rigorous standards first.

IMG_0058-Crap-stuck-to-electrical-plugI don’t understand why someone is paid to do this to the plug – put something on it to prevent it from being plugged in. It’s sort of creepy – what do they think will happen?

IMG_0062-Set-the-time-on-new-coffee-pot I need to set the time – right now it is blinking “12… 12… 12…”. I also copied down the steps for setting the auto program. We shall find out in the morning if it works or not!

IMG_0064-Usurper-Coffee-Pot Usurper coffee pot takes the place of the old one on the counter. I think this unit is actually smaller than the old white one. I will miss the white one, but it’s time has come and gone… will report about the quality of the coffee in the morning!

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11 thoughts on “Got a new coffee pot on SALE!”

  1. Nice! That color of counter appliance is best – sometimes the white ones can look less than clean in some of the seams of the appliance.

    Enjoy your first cup! 😀

  2. Good lookin’ pot ya got there. But ya know, I gotta feel sorry for the poor rejected white one that is now hiding in your closet. Just think of all the good years it gave you. The least you could do is bring it out of the closet and let it have a whiff of fresh coffee every morning.

  3. I wouldn’t be able to wait-I’d have to brew a fresh pot right away!

    Happy MM and good luck in the morning. 🙂

  4. Heh … I just ordered a 3-cup French press. One of my vows this year is to drink good coffee … so have it at work and will start using it soon.

  5. Oh my gosh it’s SO CUTE!

    I love smelling fresh coffee while still snuggled in the bed…it always lures me up!

  6. I’m sad for the dejected old pot, too. 🙁

    I’m hoping there’s a happy home for it, out there, somewhere!

  7. I don’t need all that many cups – I’d be bouncing off the walls 😀

    Mo, the old pot is so ancient, the basket is shot, it’s sorta discolored in places – ugh, no one would want it! Trash man took it away this morning. May it rest in peace!

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