Jan 10-11: Epic shelling and friends weekend on Sanibel Island

Heading out to Sanibel Island to meet up with friends. We’ve got a full moon, negative low tides in the early mornings, and plans for Super Crawl Sunday, with more people joining the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl than ever before. Hoping to find some good shells! OK, gotta go pack a bag. Whenever I have a signal, I’ll be sending photos here to the blog to chronicle all the fun. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE NEW POSTS, THIS ONE IS STICKY THROUGH SUNDAY! *~*~*

6 thoughts on “Jan 10-11: Epic shelling and friends weekend on Sanibel Island”

  1. I am really thinking of all of you today – we have already gotten 8″ of snow today, with more coming. Find a shell for me!

  2. I enjoyed the pictures and videos….after looking at your and Toots blog with Kim sitting in the pile of shells I’m in major Sanibel withdrawl….Have fun crawlin, and good luck shellin everyone!

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