SNOW White at Walt Disney World

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<h2>SNOW White at Walt Disney World</h2>
(a Manic Monday post)

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Time for another Manic Monday post! This week’s prompt is “SNOW”. Well, I live in Florida, and I don’t have to deal with that stuff on a regular basis any longer! So, here’s Florida’s version of “Snow” – White, that is 😀

EPCOT, April 22nd, 2004 – alone –


and with Dopey


DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS, April 24th 2004


Love the waves in her skirt on this one –


With a few of the Seven Dwarfs –


November 5th 2004 – a mural in the queue for the Snow White ride at Magic Kingdom –


May 28th 2005, EPCOT, Flower & Garden Festival –


May 12th 2007, EPCOT, Flower & Garden Festival (and I’m afraid I chopped off her hair bow) –


May 24th 2008 – EPCOT, Flower & Garden Festival. Those of you who have been reading here for a while should recognize this as “Sky, Ho! Sky, Ho!”, a Skywatch post –


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17 thoughts on “SNOW White at Walt Disney World”

  1. Yeah… I keep hearing about this stuff they call snow too.. but living so close to O-do.. I can’t imagine what it must be. I am just glad the 70 degree weather is back!

    I came to you through Jannaverse

  2. Wow.
    This is a lot of work, growing and trimming and molding all that.
    I would never be able to do it, because plants hate me.
    I’d meticulously form all the Disney characters, feed and water them lovingly, and 24 hours later the plants would all be dead.
    Nothing like a brown crispy Dopey.

  3. Aren’t you clever? The sculpting is amazing. We have two at a greenhouse here in the summer, but really, I think they are dead. I’ll take a photo this summer. Snow. Well, I have lots of it so tomorrow I’ll have to get out there and take some photos!

  4. I love what they do with the shrubs at Disney World. My daughter and I went during the Festival at Epcot a couple of years ago and the flowers and greenery was just wonderful. I love Disney World… Your post was great too. Not just the ordinary post of the word “snow”.

  5. I’m the World’s Biggest Fan of disney, so I thank you for giving me my fix for the day! Gorgeous shots, thanks for saring!

  6. You always have the best posts! I love these pics and cannot imagine the thought and creativity that goes into such creatioins! The dwarfs are simply darling and I can’t wait to show my kiddos later!

    Happy Manic Monday, Tink!

  7. You are so clever Tink…Sky ho…LOL!

    Beautiful pictures.I’m sure you’re very happy that’s the only Snow you see in Florida!

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