The Life and Times of… SEAFOOD???

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The Life and Times of… SEAFOOD???

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Blogless_Logo_smI’m writing this on Wednesday night, so not as to violate the sanctity of Blogless Thursday. I just wanted to let you all know that even though I am taking Thursdays off from blogging, there is a special treat for you all waiting at the blog of Hermi T Crabbe. You remember Hermi, don’t you? My young friend, Miss Bubble Gum, met him at the Strawberry Festival last year, and they were instantly smitten with one another. Tragically, they were separated by the pervert Elmo last summer, so they are only just now back to communicating once more.

IMG_0073-Miss-Bubble-Gum-Johnny-No-Face-goofy-friskyWhere has Miss Bubble Gum been all this time? Why did she not meet Hermi at St George’s Island last summer? And who’s this so-called “Johnny No Face” dude? To find out, you’ll have to trot on over to Hermi’s place and read Miss Bubble Gum’s guest post titled “Photo Shoot featuring Miss Bubble Gum and Johnny No Face”. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

See ya Friday for Skywatch!

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