Twin Reflections In The Sky

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Twin Reflections In The Sky

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Twin reflections shine
Tide pool bright and sand bar dark
Luna on the Gulf

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25 thoughts on “Twin Reflections In The Sky”

  1. Great shot….I wish I could have seen it in person!! Thanks for stopping by and naming that dead terrorist. I am so surprised that more people didnt know who he was. They really need to get out more. He was awesome, BTW:)

  2. I like your sky picture AND the haiku. You must like skipping rocks, that reflection surely did ‘skip.’
    I think it is cold where you are now. We are going to get cold this weekend, down into the 60’s for highs. (I know, you are freezing the fruit there. We haven’t had a freeze to kill the grass yet here.)
    I do have a SkyWatch picture but no poem. I might start doing that. I do the OSI if you want to scroll down. 🙂

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