A morning at Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island

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All photos taken at J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge
Sanibel Island, Florida – February 21st, 2008

Several species mingle to graze

White pelicans and cormorants ignore one another

A heron is poised…

… to take flight

Roseate spoonbill comes in for a landing

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(also a Watery Wednesday post)

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26 thoughts on “A morning at Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island”

  1. Those shots are beautiful! Never seen any of the birds, only in photos. The pink flamingopics are wonderful! The last one is beautifully done, great reflections and well done capturing the bird in flight!

  2. Hi everyone, and thanks very much for the compliments.

    The pink birds are actually not flamingos – they are roseate spoonbills. On the one that is in-flight, you can really see how the bill is shaped like a spoon on the end – very handy for scooping up dinner! *~*~*

  3. You really got some great shots. I’m hoping to find a place like this where I can see these birds out in the open than at the zoo. The in flight shots are awesome!

  4. Great collection. Makes it hard to choose a favorite from the bunch!

    I think that “White pelicans and cormorants ignore one another” is a classic… so it would appear that divisions in races exisit in the world of critters also… they’re as far away from each other as they can be! LOL

    If I had to choose one favorite, it would be a coin toss between “… to take flight” and “Roseate spoonbill comes in for a landing” – they both have great movement, refections and shadows.

  5. These are just amazing photos! The “heron poised” is my favorite. Great view! I love the spoonbills…what a great bird. Can you send me a flamingo for my birthday? I suppose it is illegal to own one? Darn it. I really like them. I have on sitting on my computer. Stuffed, of course. Thanks for sharing so great nature shots.

  6. Beautiful photos. I feel peaceful and relaxed having just viewed them, it makes me want to go there and see the beauty in person.

  7. Oh my! I love your photos. I did not know about the Ding Darling Refuge but I now have it on my list to visit. Thanks for stopping my blog and leaving a comment, by the way. Always happy to have a new “cyber” friend, especially one who lives so close to me (I’m in Sarasota, Florida).

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