EPCOT at Walt Disney World – blue, yellow, CANDY!

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05-24-08_1639-EPCOT-Pocky-candy“Candygram… Landshark!” OK, who besides me is old enough to remember where that line came from? 😀 No googling now, that’s cheating!

My oldest niece LOVES Pocky. Last May I picked some up in the Japan pavilion at EPCOT and mailed it to her. I guess you could say I sent her a candygram. Unfortunately, it melted in the heat, but she says it was still edible! Don’t tell her but I think it might have been melted BEFORE I mailed it and not enroute. I did make a stop at Downtown Disney on the way home, with the candy in my luggage, and it was pretty hot that day…. Since then, she has discovered a local place where she can buy Pocky unmelted. I bet she’s relieved!

IMG_7147-EPCOT-Universe-of-Energy-geosphereUniverse of Energy Ellen Degeneres stars in this attraction, along with Bill Nye The Science Guy. It’s an informative show, and I like the message about different ways to produce energy besides fossil fuels.

It’s my big ambition in life to get this same shot, only with the monorail going by. And everything is in focus. Well a girl with no schooling or skill in photography can dream, can’t she? I love the cobalt blue of the Universe of Energy icon contrasting with the yellow of the flowers. Blue and yellow together have to be one of the world’s best color combinations.

IMG01482-EPCOT-festival-center-trash-can-artBut ma, I swear, it SPOKE to me! This festive-looking trash receptacle is primarily a teal blue and a golden yellow. It was found in the 2008 Food and Wine Festival center, which was located in the former Wonders of Life building.  It’s fun, but at the same time a shock, to walk into an attraction that used to be all about little kids, and find it filled with racks and racks of international wines!

Some of the trash cans at Walt Disney World talk – this isn’t one of them, but there IS one in EPCOT. Can you name the places in Walt Disney World where you can find a talking trash can?

IMG_7130-EPCOT-Wonderland-geosphere-fountain-show2008 Food and Wine Festival Disney went for an Alice In Wonderland tea party theme for last year’s Food and Wine Festival. It was lame. I’m not saying Alice In Wonderland is lame; the execution of the theme for the festival was lame. It was so painfully obvious that Disney did it on the cheap. Totally not up to their standards, IMO.

I waited for this shot and I’m happy with it. The fountain show was going on and I caught the spray in front of the geosphere/Spaceship Earth, with the scene from Alice In Wonderland in the foreground.


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12 thoughts on “EPCOT at Walt Disney World – blue, yellow, CANDY!”

  1. Oh SNL — I am old enough to have seen the very first episode, way back in the Dark Ages!

    Love the trash can. It speaks to me!


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