Friday the 13th at Walt Disney World

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All photos taken Friday the 13th of October 2006 at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
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Friday the 13th
Who says unlucky? Not me!
Looky, rising sun 🙂


Friday the 13th
Who says unlucky? Not me!
Looky, pretty day 🙂


Friday the 13th
Who says unlucky? Not me!
Looky, I Gots Friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

Respectively, that was the sun rising behind the WDW Swan hotel, the sun reflecting off the front of the WDW Dolphin hotel, and my fellow Long Island transplants watching the SpectroMagic parade in the Magic Kingdom that evening – Barbara, Austin, Lexie and Debbie In Paradise.

Hey, did you spot the “hidden” Mickey heads?

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44 thoughts on “Friday the 13th at Walt Disney World”

  1. Very pretty photos – I really love that first one in particular. It looks like you had a winderful trip! I saw several mickey heads in the last photo, but I’m not sure if I caught the “hidden” head.

  2. Those are all great shots but I love the first shot with the magnificent sunrise. Wonderful colors. That’s also a great group shot.

  3. Great sky and beautiful shadows 🙂 Friday the 13. means luck to me – I was borned at saturday the 14. Have a great friday the 13. 😉

  4. Oh – that is beautiful! Colours, silhouette – very nice composed!I first thought it was from a place I’ve been in Spain, but they didn’t have the swan perfectly placed!

  5. Beautiful pictures…especially Deb and her crew!

    I saw the not so Hidden Mickeys on the banners hanging from the trumpets.

  6. I’m loving the very first shot!
    The sun breaming with lovely light rising up 🙂

    You must have gotten up pretty early to catch that shot!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

  7. Happy Looking Tink! You must live at Disney World. Do you work there or have a season pass? It must be one of the two.

    Our news said there is a new American Idol theme place. That would make a nice vist. I am wondering what kind of rides they must have.

    I did a Sky Looking post tonight. 🙂

  8. Wonderful shot of the glowing sunrise – looks like a lucky day to me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. A

  9. Well, of course I agree with the majority in that I love the first one the best. I did also see the hidden mickey heads in the last photo. Great group shot, by the way. Happy Friday the 13th!

    Thanks for playing,

  10. Great shots. That first one is really something else. The colors are amazing. That last shot shows you guys had fun. How could you not at Disney World? 🙂

  11. Absolutely beautiful skies and it doesn’t look like there was a single unlucky thing in any of them!

    Have a great Friday the 13th this year, too!

  12. Wheatherwise a lucky day for you. Both images are marvellous. I love the colours and swan silhuette in the first but the second is my favourite because of the lovely blue sky and interesting house shape.

  13. Great pictures. No day at Disney World is a bad day! Even on Friday the 13th. I was there last April! I wish I was there now. Hope you had a Happy 13th & Happy Valentine’s Day.

  14. It looks like a great way to spend a day – Friday the 13th or not. I especially love that sunrise pic.

  15. I must say that I also love the sunset in your first photo. Stunning!

    Your friends look so happy. It’s nice to see smiling faces these days.

    Hope your Friday the 13th was lucky this year too.

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