18 thoughts on “It was no picnic! on Sanibel Island”

  1. That doesn’t look very inviting at that spot. Hopefully that picnic area was down much further. 🙂 By the way, the link you left doesn’t point to this post.

  2. What? Couldn’t most of us use more iron in our diet?

    Take away the barge and the loader and you’ve got beauty… but with the barge you’ve got beauty and interest!

  3. Great shot LOL! I’m glad you found me on WW… I’ve been contemplating a vacay with the family to Sanibel Island and your photos are gorgeous!

  4. Great shot! I’m not sure if it would be fun to watch it dig as you eat or too noisy and smelly (not to mention ruining the beautiful ocean views) if I were to picnic there. I’m on the opposit coast so no chance of me visiting anytime soon. Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back again!

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