La Luna Obscura

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Rustling palm fronds sway
Feathery against the sky
Whisp’ring to the moon

Gray and wispy veil
The chill of night encroaches
Day is fading fast

Wolves would surely howl
A cloud, a shroud draws closer
La Luna Obscura

I’m pretty sure that wolves probably never lived on Sanibel Island, at least not since the advent of the internet (go on, google it…. I’ll wait….. ok, satisfied? 😀 ). However, if wolves DID live on Sanibel Island, they would have been HOWLING last week! The moon was just stunning in the east, as the sun set in the west. As twilight closed in, a whispy gray cloud drifted by, obscuring La Luna Bella for the briefest of moments. When the veil lifted, the sun had set, and it was time to get in the Sad Lane and go home.

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45 thoughts on “La Luna Obscura”

  1. I once had a white wolf who howled at the moon. Oh alright he was part Samoyd and part Labrador. But he was white and he did howl at the moon and he was the best dog I ever had! I would howl at that moon too. It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Ya, you knew I’d google it. So how far away is St Vincent? They capture a red wolf there once that had wandered away. Maybe one will wander to Sanibel. 🙂 Nice shots of the moon (as always!).

  3. St Vincent is pretty far! Folks have claimed over the years to have seen a panther on Sanibel Island. Some people think that it was just a big bobcat (possible) but there are other islands in the area where sightings have been confirmed because the panther in question there was wearing a radio collar! So I don’t think it is out of the question for Florida panthers to swim out to Sanibel and then swim back.


  4. That’s a moon I would howl at! The words are perfect even if you did have to google them. Your capture this week is just stunning! Thanks!

  5. howlingggggggg…beautiful photo of the moon! That’s so close. 🙂

    It’s my first time in this meme and i hope you can drop by at my entry.

    See ya!


  6. Go ahead. Be the Snowbird that tortures us remaining frozen Yankees with your brief glimpses of Gulf paradise. Still, I’m not envious…really!

  7. If I were a wolf, no matter where I was I’d be howling at that moon, too! Absolutely beautiful picture!

    Have a great Friday and even better weekend!

  8. Hi Tink, I’ll bet you heard me with my beagle dog, Adi, howling at your moon. We both do that howling stuff. At full moon time I grow fangs and bite people, mostly women.
    Happy Sky Looking, that is all I’m doing. I got overwhelmed on the Skywatch. 🙂

  9. What a beautiful post and a great haiku! I loved the picture, as well as the walk on the beach at Sanibel island!! Have a great weekend Tink!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    This is a superb shot of the moon. Very mysterious with the palmtree at the front. Nearly looks like a drawing.
    Perhaps you have volwes but of the less furry kind. Volwes, ie. preditors of the human form can be found in most places.

  11. I like the palm trees silhouetted here against the sky. I’m visiting people late again. Apologies.

    Happy Looking at the Sky!

    I don’t Haiku, but I certainly appreciate the talent it takes to create.

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