One RED Thing From Each Walt Disney World Park

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It’s Ruby Tuesday again! For your crimson viewing pleasure today, I’ve selected a cross-section from all four of the Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando.

IMG_1277-Small-World-Magic-KingdomIt’s a Small World, MAGIC KINGDOM
I want you all to know that it is in the interest of primacy and latency that I lovingly dish up the entrance to “It’s A Small World”. It’s a proven theory of learning that the first thing on the list and the last thing on the list are the things you will remember the best. So now, your brain will be humming “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all….” ALL DAY! What a gift, huh? How cool am I – don’t you just wanna be best friends for evah? Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa 😈

Disney-Epcot-WS-EmblemWorld Showcase, EPCOT
I know, that was cruel. And I’m sorry, truly I am. To make it up to you, I will now tell you a bunch of interesting things to try and make you forget that song that your obsessive-compulsive brain is repeating over and over, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…. OK here’s a door. It’s actually a gate. It’s located in the World Showcase at EPCOT. Look, you can see the gap between the two parts of the gate. What’s back there? I’ll tell you… I’m not sure! I have been back there precisely once, in the year 2000. I was in Walt Disney World for a conference. I think my SIL (Chez Bro’s wife) was with me – I imported her one year to keep me company, and I’m pretty sure this was the year. The Millenium Village was back there. From what I can remember (hey it was 9 years ago), there was a big tent with lots of tables and demonstration areas and booths representing a plethora of countries that are not present in the World Showcase. I believe actually that Israel was the primary occupant of the tent, but there were other countries back there too.

The only other time I’ve seen this gate open was a couple of years ago. I was passing by at twilight, and there was a private party going on back there. It was all shiny and bright and lit up back there, and heavenly aromas of delicious food emanated from within. I was like a little orphan child with her nose pressed to the glass. Man, when I grow up, I wanna be invited to a party behind the big gate with the “WS” (for “World Showcase”) on it.

IMG_0994-Disney-Chinese-theater-detailChinese Theater, DISNEY’S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS
This statue is a piece of the awesome detail work from the exterior of Disney’s replica of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Times were, you could enter Disney-MGM Studios oops I mean Disney’s Hollywood Studios and see this iconic work of art/architecture waiting for you at the end of the boulevard. Nowadays, what you get is The Big-Ass Hat. It’s a shame really, because the theater is quite beautiful. I’ve read that the Disney version has some details on it that no longer exist on the Hollywood version, so it looks like Disney made an effort to duplicate the original from it’s very earliest days. This structure houses Disney’s Great Movie Ride, an attraction that delivers the Guests to tableaux from famous Hollywood productions like Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones, and many other classics. I have to say that I like the queue for The Great Movie Ride nearly as much as the ride itself. Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in watching the continuous loop of clips from famous movie classics, I don’t want to go on the ride when it’s finally my turn – I just want to stand there and watch some more!

IMG01464-Disney-snack-hutA snack shack, DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM
Ah, finally – we’ve made it to the Animal Kingdom. This park is my second favorite behind EPCOT. The art and architecture can be whimsical, colorful and folk-ish in certain areas of the park. This snack shack is one such example. If you click the picture, you’ll see a larger version in Flickr. You might be able to see that there are hints as to what sort of snacks are sold there built right into the artwork that adorns the building. Yep, those are pretzels and bottles of Coca Cola. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, that’s our Ruby Tuesday tour of the Disney parks – now, if you want to see more Ruby Tuesday photos, just click your heels together three times… I mean, click the ruby slippers below, and you will be instantly transported to a list of participants.

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15 thoughts on “One RED Thing From Each Walt Disney World Park”

  1. I love Disney World. My Dad worked for Walt Disney for 30 years. He was there at the beginning of Disneyland in Calif. Helped to build it. Your posting is very creative. I like that you chose one photo from each “land”. Good on ya!

  2. Hey Tink, thank you. I haven’t been keeping up with Disney down there in Florida. You are my source of P.R. The last time we went there were only EPCOT and Disney World. I probably wouldn’t go to the other two anyway. I don’t like birds and I’ve been through the studios at Hollywood.
    Happy RT, thanks again for the update. I see you are staying pure with Mary, I don’t think she has removed too many for rule violation as of yet. 🙂
    BTW, we only have ONE Disney attraction here in Houston. It is Space Center Houston. They visitor program at MSC Houston got to be too much strain on our budget and so Pres. Reagan privatized that part. Disney designed and did operate it, it may be back in the hands of the government (NASA) now to help stimulate the economy.

  3. The Small World sign is like a modern stylish vision of a family crest from long ago. Stylish! And to be honest, pretzels and coke might not have the most nutritional value, but quite a snack! I’ll take my dough treat with a dollop of German Mustard, please…

  4. I may have asked you this one before but do you work for Disney, or are you just the biggest fan ever? One thing’s for certain, you’ll never ever run out of R/T shots there!

    Nice ones!

  5. Hi Tink. Thanks for the tip about blogger. I really will consider migrating elsewhere though it would be a shame to leave the comments. 🙁

    And your post made me remember all the happy times i spent wandering the magic kingdom with my sister. it’s been — almost 2 decades since we last were there. Though these places are now very different – I’m sure the ‘magic’ is still very much alive.

    have a good day!

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