RED Stuff at the EPCOT Festivals in Walt Disney World

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RED Stuff at the EPCOT Festivals in Walt Disney World
(a Ruby Tuesday post)

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The color RED makes a strong showing in the Disney theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Perhaps that’s the reason that so many of my Ruby Tuesday posts are laden with photos taken at Walt Disney World.

IMG_1142-EPCOT-China-topiary-dragonThis dragon topiary was photographed at the Flower and Garden Festival, which takes place in EPCOT each spring. Red is the predominant color at the China pavilion, which is no surprise because red is the most significant color in Chinese culture. From the Chinese flag to the emblem of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, red represents China like no other color.

IMG_1083-EPCOT-flowers-Mickey-HeadIn 2005, the theme of the Flower and Garden Festival revolved around “hidden” Mickeys. There were 50 of them hidden in the park in connection with the festival. Some were more obvious than others. They could be anything from an arrangement of stones on the bottom of a pool to this giant, red, not-so-hidden Mickey on the banks of one of the lagoons. It’s made up of hundreds of flowering plants in bloom.ย  You might think that this one was sort of a “gimmee” because it is so big, but I think that sometimes, the best “hiding” place is right out in the open.

IMG_0705-EPCOT-flowers-butterflyHere’s another water-side display, this time in the shape of a colossal red
butterfly. If you click through to the larger version of the photo, you will see that there are butterfly topiaries behind it. This display was near the butterfly house, a mesh tent that contains a butterfly garden and LOTS of butterflies. There are cocoons in there too, but I’ve never been lucky enough to be present while one was hatching. In the background on the right, you can see the tall spire from a defunct attraction called The Wonders of Life.ย  Sometimes the Wonders of Life pavilion is used as a Festival Center.ย  Last year when I was there in October, this pavilion was filled with food-related merchandise and racks and racks of bottles of wine during the Food and Wine Festival.

IMG_6367--EPCOT-Louisiana-spices-vegetables-wineAnd speaking of Food and Wine, it’s time to switch festivals. Here’s a display that I found in the temporary “Louisiana” section of the 2008 Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT. This display represents the classic ingredients in Louisiana cooking. I didn’t recognize even half of these brand names, so I guess they are either local to Louisiana, or maybe they are memorabilia-type representations of classic ingredients from the past. Anyone out there from Louisiana that could enlighten us?

To give you an idea of scale, people were hoisting their little kids on top of the can that says “Delta….” to take a picture of them – until a Cast Member came over and asked them to stop. Spoil sport! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Included in the display are a giant bottle of red wine, and a smallerย  red bottle that looks like it might be the equivalent of Tabasco.

IMG_6382-EPCOT-Louisiana-potager-garden-vegetablesThis little vegetable garden was just across the path from the ingredients display. A little sign in the garden stated that these are the typical vegetables that go into Louisiana cooking. I see onions, parsley, several varieties of peppers that include some red ones and … not sure what all else was growing in there. It kind of made me all misty-eyed for the days when I had my own little organic potager growing in the yard… and then I remembered all the back-breaking work it is to grow vegetables, and I got over it!

Hope you enjoyed our little stroll through the RED stuff at EPCOT!

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19 thoughts on “RED Stuff at the EPCOT Festivals in Walt Disney World”

  1. I like the landscaping – I wouldn’t mind having the flower beds in our yard, they would be a welcome to our normal thatch on the ground…

    I couldn’t say about the Louisiana cooking, but understand it to be suited for the gourmand, given its French, Spanish and Caribbean influences…

  2. It’s so much fun when professional gardeners play with shapes and designs. I tried to view the butterfly, but Flickr told it was a private photo! Maybe you need to change the permissions for us?

  3. I definitely have to go to Florida, if I visit the USA.
    I’ve seen so many wonderful pictures from that state, and yours from the EPCOT festival are real teasers.
    Somehow I got hung up with that herb garden.
    Very attractive. Never mind the back!
    From Felisol

  4. I love the Flower and Garden Show and have quite a number of WDW photos, myself. Your’s are great.

    And as a matter of fact, my entry came from the Magic Kingdom. It’s posted here. Please stop by if you get a chance.

  5. All the photos are lovely and great for me to see from Australia. My favorite is the herb/vegetable garden. It looks so lovely!

    Happy RT!

    Tink I would really like to know how to leave my URL in comments
    to direct people to which blog I’m using…and I know you know how to do it. Help!

    Eaton. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely flower arrangements and beds. Those old fashioned food packages look very nice, I love it when packaging is pretty and presentable too.

  7. Thanks for the walk in Epcot. The Red china pavilion is my favorite. So elegant, lost in this garden. A very poetic sight. I can’t inform you about South ingredients of course, but I think you can create great recipe with these.

  8. Those huge flower gardens would be massive amounts or work for an army of gardeners, but a little vegetable garden…well, not so much. Ours is pretty small and mostly we grow tomatoes in the summer, but right now there are turnips still growing. They definately weren’t much work.

    Enjoyed your pictures and was going to comment that anything with the word fusion probably wasn’t old time Cajun/Lousiana stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

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