Sanibel Island, pre-Charlie

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Thirteen days before
a storm of such cruelty
struck our paradise

I stood on the pier
ignorant of things to come
and took these pictures


Hurricane Charlie struck Southwest Florida on August 13th 2004

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29 thoughts on “Sanibel Island, pre-Charlie”

  1. It’s amazing how many trees were on the tip of the island before Charlie. It’s pretty bare in that same spot now, with only the remnants of those trees left.

  2. I don’t remember that storm specifically (there have been so many in recent years) but it’s good you got these when you had the chance. Love the cloud formation in the first shot.

  3. It is so amazing how beauty can be in one moment and tragedy in the next!
    These are lovely images.

    You ask where I took the photos in my post, Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, a mere one hour drive from home.

  4. Great.. now I am wanting to go to the beach!!!

    BTW, POTD = Picture of the Day. Its a project I started on Jan. 1 to take at least one picture each day. Soooo much fun. Thanks for stopping by All Things Work for Good. I enjoy your comments.

  5. This is a good example of why it’s probably best not to know the future. Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

    The cloud in the top photo is amazing how it echoes the shape of the island.

  6. Mother nature is an amazing force to be reckoned with. It is so sad to see that such a beautiful place could be destroyed. The picture from the end of the pier is a wonderful shot. The beach look(ed) amazing!

    Thank you so much for playing along.

  7. That was most definitely the calm before the storm in those pictures. It was so very beautiful there before the weather dramatically changed the landscape.

    Oh, and Block Island is 12 miles off of the coast of Rhode Island.

  8. The warm Gulf waters make such interesting cloud formations as the tepid moisture makes such impressive skies. No matter what the storm did, you captured the true beauty of the waters, and your memories of said beauty are stronger than the weather…

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