“Special” RED Stuff from around Disney’s EPCOT

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Have you ever noticed how Disney is always having some sort of “special” celebration or festival or anniversary event? Every year, it’s always something. 100 Years of Magic! The Year – no make that TWO Years – Of A Million Dreams! Millennium Celebration! The year I snapped this one, they were having The Happiest Celebration On Earth, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what da heck they were celebrating. Oh yeah, maybe it was the 50th anniversary of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. All the Disney parks from around the world sort of “swapped” attractions. EPCOT in Orlando got a brand new attraction that year called Soarin’. It’s a duplicate of the Soarin’ Over California attraction at Disney’s California Adventure theme park in Anaheim. My favorite part is when you soar over the river and you can smell the pines…. and it SEEMS like you can kick all the rafters and other boaters in the head!

IMG00726-Disney-EPCOT-sign-food-and-wineOne of the “special” annual events that I actually like and therefore won’t make (too much) fun of is the Food and Wine Festival. Some of you have watched me mobile blog my way around the countries in the World Showcase in EPCOT, eating and drinking a path through the festival. Some of you have even been “drunk-dialed” while I was doing this 😉 Fortunately, I never had to drive home. It is only a short walk out the International Gateway and back to the hotel. Well at that hour of the night, it’s more like a meander. But I do eventually get back to the hotel!

IMG00721-Disney-China-EPCOT-food-and-wineHere’s one of the temporary oops, I meant to say “special” Food and Wine Festival kiosks that are sprinkled between and around the normal country pavilions of the World Showcase. I believe I had the Sha Cha Chicken. Yes, I looked it up just now – I DID have the sha cha chicken, which I found to be “eh” but with it, I had a “mango gingerita” that was devine. Damn it was FINE. I wish I was back there right now! Actually, I wish I’d gotten the recipe for the mango gingerita! Here’s the link to see what Sha Cha Chicken and a Mango Gingerita look like

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18 thoughts on ““Special” RED Stuff from around Disney’s EPCOT”

  1. Disney IS always celebrating — and I don’t think they NEED a REASON! They just celebrate a celebration! It’s the right attitude anyway! Great shots for RT!

  2. What’s Disneyland without a celebration? 🙂 I’d love to get to Epcot center one day. I’ve seen Disneyland in Anaheim. I wish they’d add some of what Epcot Center has.

  3. You mean you weren’t ‘carded’ for age at the the Food and Wine Festival? The Chinese pagoda looks authentic, and the chicken divine, I am guessing…

  4. It’s all about the marketing. But sometimes you can see through it. Nothing like a gods for honest special event that runs deep through the community and culture. Disney sometimes has to manufacture it, but they are good at doing that, the experts.

  5. The last time I’d been to Orange County Disney was years ago. The nearest one to where I live would be in Hong Kong. Guess i shld make a visit there soon.

  6. I haven’t been to Epcot. It hadn’t been built when I went down to Disney World so you can tell by that how long it’s been. Thanks for the great post and photos.

  7. Tink, your snaps of Disneyland red are very cute, I like the bitten apple with what looks like legs…I now have an unusual map of Disneyland in my head. It’s full of Tink pics. 🙂

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