What shall I wear? My closet needs an overhaul!

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What Shall I Wear? My Closet Needs An Overhaul!
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IMG_0232-what-shall-I-wearIt’s 61 degrees F here in Southwest Florida today, and I’m fixin’ to take a run out to Sanibel Island to do the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl with friends. Unfortunately, I’m having a couple of wardrobe issues, none of which can quite be termed a “malfunction”, yet troubling none the less.

First off, it would seem that I have clothing for extremes – shorts, or LL Bean flannel-lined jeans – but nothing for these 61-degree-in-between times. Secondly, it would also seem that things are not pristine within the hallowed walls of the walk-in closet in the master suite. There are empty hangers, which means either a) I don’t have enough clothes, or b) there’s stuff in the dryer that I never hung up. I have a lot of blue clothes and a lot of yellow too, don’t I? My fave colors are blue and yellow, so that’s a good thing! 🙂 Also, a lot of them are Disney clothes. Yes I know how old I am, you don’t have to remind me. I draw the line at Pooh, ok? Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse are fine, but there is NO POOH in this closet!

IMG_0236-shoe-disaster-closetDisarray abounds. There are shoes on the floor, conveniently located next to the shoe rack, which has empty cubby holes…. The luggage is supposed to nest, but it appears that it has not only nested, but given birth as well, for pieces of it have sprawled over what remains of the visible floor after the shoes. I am embarassed to show you the rest of the closet. Crap, none of this is solving my dilemma – WHAT SHALL I WEAR?

I’ll be mobile blogging a little later on, so if you want to see what’s going on with the Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl, scroll down past this sticky post!

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13 thoughts on “What shall I wear? My closet needs an overhaul!”

  1. I feel rather naughty taking a peek into your closet, which by the way looks in a lot better shape than mine does. I feel shame 🙂 All joking aside, have a great evening on the Bar Crawl. That sounds like fun.

  2. I’m just jealous that your sandals look recently worn (says the Michiganian with 15 inches of snow in her yard!)

  3. There do seem to have been some goings on between the shoes and luggage. Hope they have produced something fine for the bar crawl. Have a great time.

  4. Yellow doesn’t look good on me either, so I have nothing yellow in clothes; however, I do have a bunch of BLUE! All shades are easy for me to wear. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. This is what I do with a job I’m putting off until I can do it ‘perfectly’ (which never happens): Take a timer (you probably have one on your phone or blackberry) and take it into your closet. Set it for 15 minutes and GO! AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Straighten, tidy, put things away, toss stuff you don’t want anymore into 2 piles (“give away”, “throw away”). When the timer goes off, you’re done. The trick is to go as fast as you can.

    Buy a pair of dark beige/light brown/grey (or any shade that goes with MOST yellow and blues) pants. They can be colored jeans as long as they are not cropped and if they are not too ‘fussy’. I’d choose ones that have some stretch in them (for comfort).

  6. Hi Tink. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally agree with you. The old house should make a comeback. Your closet looks fine.

    Guess what? You are the 500th person to comment on my blog and I want to send you a little something in the mail as a thank you. Do you mind if I have your mailing address and blog about this?

  7. Heh … your closet looks empty and pristine compared to mine. I’m buying some of those “Wonder Hangers” and have just started to put plastic storage “shelving” containers in mine. Things I don’t use often (long-sleeved t’s, exercise clothes …) will go in a container behind the door … Too many clothes, but dahling, I *must* look good …

  8. My closet is organized, finally, but I’ve got stuff from size 4 to size 12 and I’m getting depressed because the 12’s fit!!!
    I need a permanently skinny closet…

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