Which Way Do You Look?

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Which Way Do You Look?
(a Wordless Wednesday post)
(also a Watery Wednesday post)
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Both sights available at the exact same time, but in opposite directions…..


Which way do you look?


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38 thoughts on “Which Way Do You Look?”

  1. Isn’t that just the coolest thing to be able to watch the sun set on one side of the causeway and the moon rise on the other? The Park usually has a Full Moon Potluck each month and we go out and watch the sunset and moonrise.

  2. I guess the answer is that you look both ways with a camera. 😀 Love these shots but that sunset… Wow!! I don’t think it could be more perfect. It’s stunning!

  3. Both shots are absolutely beautiful, but the colors & the reflection of the sun on the water in the 2nd photo is FANTABULOUS!!! That’s a mix of Fantastic & Fabulous!

  4. Ah yes, the photographer’s dilemma. I’m glad you took the time to photograph both directions. They are both very pleasing images, but each in a different way.

  5. That was exactly what I was saying in my last Sky Watch Friday post. If you like the light in front of you, turn around and look behind you.

    Me? I look both ways. Glad you did too!

  6. My goodness! You want me to choose?? Between smooth, calm, funny road, smiling full moon – and drama, gorgeous colours, sun entering the ocean…..I choose both!;)

  7. What a beautiful sunset!! Lovely!

    I’ve done some catching up here, my you ARE a busy blogger bee! If I turn my back for two days, There are twenty posts to look at! I enjoyed all of them, and it looks like you had a great time with your friends, with great food and drinks and all!

  8. I love the shades of blue and purple and the moon looks gorgeous in the first pic but I’d much rather be on the beach watching the sun go down.

    They both are just lovely!

    I thought the bridge was a roller coaster too!! LOL!

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